2015, That Was The Year That Was


It has been a surpassing strange year. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times doesn’t begin to cover it.  As happens in every 365 day cycle anything and everything happens. Moments both profound and mundane. The players change and sometimes the results are the same. Not unusually, my hometown of Chicago has been prominent in the national ( and global) conversation. The City that Works (as Dick Daley, who practically owned the town for the better part of three decades used to call it), in many ways has been a showcase for the craziness that has been 2015.  Brutal police shootings along with what can be most charitably referred to as an inadequate response from the mayor’s office have overshadowed the positive vibes that the Black Hawks brought to town in the spring. Which almost miraculously was practically forgotten thanks to the incredible run of Joe Maddon and the youngsters of Wrigley. The timing couldn’t have been better between the Back to the Future II connection and what would happen as the year progressed.

Much of what went on was painful to witness: multiple shootings seemingly Every weekend. The aforementioned highly questionable and controversial police involvement. A mayoral election that could probably use a “do over” what with subsequent revelations. Spike Lee bringing his 40 Acres and a Mule road show to town. The initial reaction was hardly a surprise, even before the movie came out. Arguably Spike, who is certainly no bodies fool, expected this.

The fact is that the big events get the press. In this era of sound bites and no time taken for in depth (or in most cases any) analysis it seems the loudest voice is the one that gets heard. Fact checking may be a growth industry but in the end it still depends on who you are rooting, excuse me, voting for. Unfortunately, at least in my opinion, the loudest voice also appears to be the angriest. Forty years ago Paddy Chayefsky wrote the brilliant Network. The character of Howard Beale became a cultural icon. Most movie goers thought it was a wonderful satire. Paddy knew better, even at the time. He stated once on the subject: “…I still write realistic stuff, it’s the world that has turned into a satire.” As we stare across midnight at 2016 and, among other things another bit of sound and fury otherwise known as the U.S. Presidential election keep Paddy’s words in mind.

What kind of a year was it? A year like all years, filled with those events that alter and illuminate our times. And heaven help us all, we were there. Happy New Year.




One thought on “2015, That Was The Year That Was

  1. You continue to write so eloquently. I wish you a safe happy healthy new year coming. I’ve had a few changes as well this past year and I sent you a copy of the email of verbal abuse I received from someone who wanted to control me and when I would not allow it he became enraged and said horrible things about me and even my doctor who is a therapist. I couldn’t believe it but then I learn that he is a narcissist who was angry because I could not conform to his needs. I wanted someone who I felt comfortable with to see it to see how someone else perceived me and because I’ve been so down on myself and so isolated I believed it to be true… But I know its not. I think of you from time to time I’m try to imagine the velocity of love that you had for your Vera and still have and I honor you for that. There are not many gentlemen left out there it seems. Its been really rough here in Chicago and you know and everybody is so angry and mean. This man who have known so long who is 15 years older than me has always been relatively supportive, but then became more controlling because he knew I was alone and not involved with anyone. He had anger toward his wife was not appreciated in verbally abusive to her and I took the stand and I fought for her and I commanded respect from him he’s 72 years old and I really think that he may need some supportive therapy put the words that he said to me in that email shock me because I had no idea what he was talking about. His wife says he’s become worse and worse with accusations but when I read the words that you said about me my self esteem which had been knocked down already just as I was crawling out of the hole I fell back in. I wanted to send it to you because I thought that if I had not disconnected contact you woulda said Bonnie ignore that that’s not you and I know its not me. I think of you and your baby girl. I wonder how you are. I hate close myself off to you and others the very few people who seem to care. So this new year I will try to open myself back up if I am worthy of your friendship. You are an honorable faithful devoted gentleman and I did not feel that I was not at the time able to make sure that I didn’t offend you or say something that would hurt you because of my own feelings. But I have passed that now. So I hope this year is a year of forgiveness from monks so many other things and I wish you the best this new year my friend. God bless you


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