For Vera: Still Crazy (In Love) After All These Years

But first a word, not from our sponsor, but rather from your humble servant.  Funny what you encounter when you decide to clean out closets (not to say I have been in one … never mind).  I wrote this for Valentine’s Day 2012 after a co-worker mentioned that she didn’t like romantic gestures, on February 14 or any other time  Vera and I pretty much lived for them..  So:

Whatever happened to romance?

Whatever happened to love?

When did we stop chasing rainbows?

And wishing on stars up above?

Why are we frightened by moments so tender

That we wish we could hold for all time?

What is so scary about one heart’s surrender

To another that makes everything rhyme?

I seem to remember,

A long ago September,

A moment that defined love so true.

An instant so excellent,

It could only be heaven sent,

That moment I first gazed upon you.

You were all that I’d hoped for

A balm for a heart sore

From misuse and years filled with pain.

You touched on my heartstring

And showed me it could still sing,

And that now I could come in from the rain.

February 14, 2012.  Forever plus one is just the beginning.


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